Saturday 18th May 

NSW SL 3 – Middle Distance Championships
NOL 9 – Middle Distance


Location: Wyangala 

Key Officials:

    Organiser:     James McQuillan; 0402032419;

    Setter:         Rob Bradley

    Controller:     Rob Vincent

Map:     ‘Wyangala Waters’ 2018 (Rob Vincent) based on ‘Giant’ 1991 (Gareth Prosser & Chris Wilmott) and digitized by Graeme Hill 2017.      

Scale: 1:10,000; contour interval 5m

Terrain: "Wyangala Waters" is undulating terrain with mainly open fields, but has some forest cover with some steeper and rockier areas. It is generally good running although there are some areas of thicker cypress pine. There is scattered to complex areas of granite rock and cliffs, with some areas quite intense. Excellent views of Lake Wyangala occur regularly across the area.




Course Structure

NSW Middle Distance Championships & NOL Middle
Course Classes Winning
Time (min)
Est (km)
Climb (m)
Hard 1 M21E 30-35 5.5 265 26
Hard 2 M20E, M35A 30-35 4.80 260 23
Hard 3 W21E 30-35 4.4 220 21
Hard 4 W20E 30-35 3.6 180 20
Hard 5 M40A, M45A, M50A, M55A 30-35 3.9 180 19
Hard 6 M16A, M60A, M65A, M21AS, W35A, W40A, W45A 30-35 3.5 155 19
Hard 7 M35AS, M70A, W16A, W50A, W55A, W60A 30-35 3.1 140 16
Hard 8 M75A, M45AS, M55AS, W21AS, W65A, W70A, W35AS, W45AS, W55AS 30-35 2.6 120 14
Hard 9 M80A, M65AS, W75A, W80A, W65AS 30-35 1.7 70 12
Moderate M14A, W14A, MOpenB, WOpenB, MJuniorB, WJuniorB 25 2.7 135 13
Easy M12A, W12A, Open Easy 25 2.3 130 13
Very Easy M10A. W10A, M/W10N*, Open Very Easy 20 1.7 85 10
*Shadowing is allowed for this class. Times are not recorded.


A limited number of maps are available for enter on the day courses: Hard 4, Hard 9, Moderate, Easy, Very Easy.


Note: Allocated Starts 2 minutes apart from 12:30pm. Elite classes will start last.

M21A, M20A, W21A and W20A classes will not be offered. The corresponding elite classes will accrue points in the NOL and compete in the 2019 NSW Middle Distance Championship at the same time


Previous Use: The last known use of the Wyangala area was for for QBIII in 1991, using the ‘Giant’ map. The area being used for the NSW Middle Champs has had dramatic vegetation change and been completely remapped.  Sample maps can be found below and a full original Giant map will be available for viewing at the Information tent.


Terrain Gallery