2 days of Quality Orienteering






Entry Fees:


Saturday 18 May

Middle Champs / NOL Middle

Sunday 19 May

Long Champs / NOL Ultralong




Junior (<21y)



Sub-junior (<13y)




Add $3

Family entry fees are capped at 2 senior + 1 junior or sub-junior. This will be calculated by Eventor if all family members are entered at the same time.


Punching System:

SPORTident electronic timing. SIAC Air+ contactless punching will be enabled. SIAC sticks will not be available for hire; if you want to use Air+ you will need to bring your own. Standard SI Sticks can be hired with registration in Eventor ($4).

M21E competitors in the NOL Ultra-long will require an SI stick capable of holding 50 or more controls (SI-Card6, SI-Card10, SI-Card11 or SIAC). M20E and W21E competitors also will need a later model SI stick capable of holding 30+ controls. The W20E course will use less than 30 controls, so participating competitors will not have any special requirements for their SI Sticks.

Embargoed Areas:

Roseberg State Forest - 82km Southwest of Bathurst, through the town of Lyndhurst.

Wyangala Waters - The area bounded by Reg Hailstone Way, Elliotts Lookout Rd and Reflections Holiday Park - Wyangala Waters. Access is permitted to Reflections Holiday Park but is restricted to the immediate Park accommodation area.  

Permission to access embargoed terrain shall be obtained from the Organiser if needed.