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Summer Series Snippets from the 2016-7 Season

Club results for the SSS Final at Lane Cove

The inclement weather put off many from running at the last SSS event for this season, but we had 7 intrepids who braved the drizzle.

Andy Hill led the field of 116 coming into the finish with a score of 540. James McQuillan wasn't far behind in 8th place with a score of 480.

In the classes the team had three firsts - Andy in OM; Ted Mulherin (IM); and Janet Morris (IW). Helen Parker made it into 2nd place in OW.

The event was followed by awards presentations at Lane Cove Country Club. Janet Morris received the Sydney Summer Series Special Award, presented for her work in mapping for the series.

14 WHOs accepted the course setter's challenge at  Chatswood Streets on 22 March

Top performers were James McQuillan, just 10 points behind Glenn Horrocks (GO) in MM. Malcolm Gledhill took the gong in IM closely followed by Ted Mullherin 30 points behind.

Andy Hill is almost a permanent feature in SSS placings. He achieved the third position in OM only 30 points behind the leader.

Janet Morris led in IW favoured by the dearth of competitors.

17 club members competed in the Club's event at West Pennant Hills on March 15.

Graeme Hill flew into 1st place in LM. Janet Morris was 1st in IW. In the IM division Malcolm Gledhill steamed into 2nd place closed followed by Ted Mulherin with the same point score but 2 minutes slower.

In OM James McQuillan gathered the full quota of 600 points but the time penalty brought his score down to 550 and 3rd place. Helen Parker completed her course without penalty, scoring 430 and 3rd place in OW. A great result team!

Sydney Summer Series at St Ives

The WHO Team of 12 challenged the terrain at St Ives on Wednesday 8 March.

The course was set so that no one would be able to get all the controls in 45 minutes .Andy Hill came close to undoing the devious plan of the course setter by bagging 520 points even after being three minutes over time and taking 1st place in OM. Andy was only 33 seconds ahead of Steve Ryan (GO) followed by Club Captain James Mcquillan in 3rd place with 480 points.

The Hill family of high performers showed their mettle with patriarch Graeme taking first place in LM with a score of 340.

Malcom Gledhill and Janet Morris, chased by the leeches, flew into 1st position in the Immortals.

Sydney Summer Series #22

The WHO Team of 14 intrepid street and park runners made their mark on Wednesday 1st March at Riverview. Andy Hill placed 2nd equal in MM. James McQuillan 2nd in OM. Graeme Hill 2nd in LM. Janet Morris 1st in IW. Ted Mulherin and Malcolm Gledhill 1st and 2nd in IM. Congratulations team.

16 Intrepid WHO's braved the SSS 21 Course at Macquarie Hospital on 22 February.

Graeme Hill flew into first place in LM. Other firsts were Ted Mulherin (IM) and Janet Morris (IW). One of the highest point scorers was Andy Hill 2nd equal in OM closely followed by James McQuillan in 4th place. Malcolm Gledhill came in easily to be 2nd equal in IM.

Great performance WHO Team!

A 14 strong WHO team competed at Pyrmont.

On Wednesday 15th February intrepid WHO runner Ted Mulherin romped into 1st place in IM. Graeme Hill (LM), Malcolm Gledhill (IM) and Belinda Kinneally (MW) flew into the third places in their classes. Great effort WHO team.

Summer Series #19 at Belrose drew 11 WHOs

Ted Mulherin (IM), Janet Morris (IW) and Graeme Hill (LM) romped into 1st place in their divisions.

Andy Hill (OM) with the same 580 score as Steve Ryan (GO) placed 2nd after a time adjustment. James McQuillan (OM) came in 4th also on a time adjustment, sharing the score (520) with Felix Speith (no club) and Tristan White (no club).

The WHO Team does it again at SSS18.

Your high performance club team of 12 again showed their mettle on the first day of February at Willoughby with seven achieving top placings.

Four 1sts: Malcolm Gledhill and Ted Mulherin tied for first place in Immortals Men; Janet Morris well ahead of Sue Thompson and Bev Johnson in Immortals Women; Andy Hill in Masters Men Line course.

Two 2nds: James McQuillan in Open Men; Vivien de Remy de Courselles in Masters Men Line course.

Belinda Kinneally romped in to third place in Masters Women

The High Performance WHO Team at SSS17 showed its mettle in several divisions:

Andrew Hill was 3rd in Open Men with a score of 600 only a minute behind Andrew Brown (BF). James McQuillan was consistent in 5th place with of full 600 points.

Graeme Hill placed 2nd in Legends Men with 460 points, only 10 points behind Warwick Selby (GO). Ted Mulherin took first place in Immortal Men with 390 points and Janet Morris took the lead from Bev Johnson in Immortal Women with 250 points.

Congratulations WHO Team.

The WHO Team at SSS16 showed its strength in the Open Men division.

Andrew Hill made it into second place only 25 seconds and 10 points behind Steve Ryan (GON). James McQuillan came in 5th (540 points) in a strong field of 17 runners. Malcolm Gledhill achieved 1st in IM 370 points - 20 points ahead of his brother Lloyd.

Your club fielded a strong team of 17 competing in junior through to immortal classes.

High performance WHO team makes its mark in the SSS15 heat-wave event at Pennant Hills.

Andy Hill (OM) sweated in at first overall with 500 points. James McQuillan was 6th overall (3rd in OM) with 440 points. Janet Morris 1st in IW (120 points). Graeme Hill 2nd equal in LM (310 points). Malcolm Gledhill 2nd in IM (150 points). Amazing achievments on a 100% bush map (unusual for the series) and in near 40% heat!.
Congratulations team!

Your Club excelled at its SSS14 (2016) Event at Ermington. . .

Andrew Hill collected 600 points and came in at 2nd place 3 minutes behind Steve Ryan, followed closely by James McQuillan (590 points). Coming in 4th and 5th were Richard Morris (Bennelong 580) and Keelan Birch (Garingal 570).

21 club members took part. Of the novices who faced the Mini challenge the best times were Vincent Morris who beat 13 minutes by 4 seconds with his brother Alex only a couple of minutes behind.Shows what training at the Xmas 5-Days can do. Many thanks to all the helpers.
President Ian Miller writes:

It was the second largest WHO Summer Series ever with 200 doing the score course and 11 the mini.  Matt Hackett was the organiser and Steve Dunlop was the setter.  The first participant arrived at 3:50pm and we had everyone back just after 7:30pm so were able to collect controls and pack up by 8:30pm.

It takes a number of people to look after the registration, the computer, answer queries and explain the event to newcomers.  The event ran very smoothly and there were numerous compliments about the courses.

A special thank you to Tim Perry who delivered and helped set up the computer before racing off to the hospital to meet his newest grandchild born yesterday afternoon.

A very successful event.  Thank you.     Ian