>September 2018
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Sydney Sprint Series #6 at Narimba

Keen O-sprinters who were watching the weather forecast saw that there was a good chance of a cold snap arriving before the late afternoon start time. There were 85 entries by the time registration closed. In spite of the change from North Parramatta to the Narimba Campus at Quakers Hill, due to construction works, many of the starters came from far afield.

Aidan Dawson (GO) finished in the top slot with an amazing time of 10:27. What's his secret? Toby Wilson (GO) and Alastair George (BF) must know the secret because they were close behind 11:25 and 11:38. All Junior Men - condidates for JWOC?

Planner Andy Hill together with vetter Ted Mulherin set a challenging course. They were supported by 19  club members who also ran. James McQuillan 1st in MM 13:33 followed by Lee Coady 2nd 14:37 and Matt Hackett 4th 17:39. Janet Morris 1st IW 31:11. Barry Hanlon 2nd IM 30:25. Helen Parker 3rd in OW 17:00. Ian Miller 3rd LM 21:26. Overall results are on Eventor. . .