>September 2018
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Sydney Sprint Series Point Scores Announced

The judging was based on the best six of eight events. Andy Hill in Open Men placed 2nd with 572 points only 19 behand Aidan Dawson.

In the Open Women's division Amy Harmer achieved 4th place. Amy ran in only five of the events. Her average score indicated that if she had made it to a sixth event she had the potential to place 3rd.

In Masters Men James McQuillan placed 2nd with 397 points only 5 behind Peter Fozo with Vivien de Remy de Courselles in 4th.

Janet Morris 3rd in Immortal Women and Ted Mulherin pipped the top post in Immortal Men.

WHO fronted a small elite team of 5 at Sydney Sprint #8 at Woollahra

Andy Hill placed 2nd in the Open Men's division, only 2:48 behind Andrew Brown (BF). A great effort after achieving a second with Richard Mountstephens in Saturday's Rivergaine. Amy Harmer rated 2nd in Open Women.