>September 2018
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WHO Team's results for SL1 & 2 (March 25/26)

State League 1 arena was the Canberra Girls Grammar School Campus. A very cloudy and cool day with occasional drizzle, but good conditions for runners. Best team result was Yekaterina Stukova running W12A in 13:22 and breaking the finish tape at 2nd place only 59 seconds behind Ingred Agar. Janet Morris (W75A) and Barry Hanlon (M80A) clocked into second places in their veterans classes.

The weather improved for the second day with the clouds clearing and presenting an almost clear blue sky. SL2 was held at Isaacs Ridge in a very steep pine plantation. The event could be renamed "the ACT Downhill Classic". Our team's only 1st place was Yekaterina Stukova who led the field in W12A with a time of only 33:25. Our club's veteran bush orienteers Lynn Dabbs (W65A) and Kevin Williams (M70A) handled the tough terrain expertly to place 2nd in their classes. Lynn was only 41 seconds behind Jenny Hawkins. Janet Morris maintained her 2nd position but Barry Hanlon dropped back to 3rd.