MetrO League 2017

Venues and Dates

Round Date Venue Organising Club
ML1 Apr 2 WSU Penrith Garingal
ML2 May 21 Wianamatta Western & Hills
ML3 Jun 25 Glengarry  NSW Junior Squad
ML4 Jul 23 Manly Dam Bennelong Northside
ML5 Sep 3 Fred Caterson Reserve, Castle Hill Combined 
Finals Sep 10 Boggabilla Uringa


Metro Final Boggabilla  10 September 2017

The final round for MetroLeague 2017 was hosted by Uringa and held on the Boggabilla map. The map holds a wide variety of vegetation changes and a plethora of tracks. It was used for a State League event last year, so had the potential to hold a number of traps. The WHO Hahs (Div 5) had reached the final to defend their 2016 title. Unfortunately all our other teams were out of the running.


The WHO Evers, boosted by the return of Andy and Richard, beat SH-IKO to finish equal on points with Big Foot. However, Big Foot with a greater for and against claimed the trophy. The Rays only had three runners but claimed the fastest three times in their battle against the Go Frill Necks, which was good enough to sneak the win. Belinda saved her best run of the season for last to lead the WHO Doos to victory against the GO Skinks. However that’s where the winning stopped. The WHO Rahs were easily beaten by SH-IKO but Niamh put up a promising run in only her second Metro outing to show up the rest of the seasoned regulars. The WHO Hahs were defending their 2016 title and despite Karen and Maria posting their best times this year it wasn’t enough to stop the dominant UR-CC Kestrels. Better luck next year everybody.

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Div Versus Score Front Runners
1 WHO Evers v SH-IKO Win 31-24 Andy Hill - 10pts, 1st
2 WHO Rays v GO Frill Necks Win 27-25 Vivien de Remy de Courcelles - 10pts, 7th

WHO Doos v GO Skinks

Win 30-25

Belinda Kinneally - 10pts, 2nd


Loss 19-36

Niamh Cassar - 8pts, 10th
5 WHO Hahs v UR-CC Kestrels Loss 21-34 Karen Langan - 8pts, 4th


Metro 5 Fred Caterson  3 September 2017

Round 5 was scheduled to be at St Ives but a last minute spanner-in-the-works resulted in a hastily put together MetroLeague Event at Castle Hill. The late notice, new date (Father’s Day) and new location resulted in a number of absences, which had us behind the eight ball from the get go.

Courses were set on our familiar Graveyard map at Fred Caterson Reserve in Castle Hill. In general they were a touch on the short side but no one was complaining as it felt more like Summer than the first weekend of Spring. The courses probably suited the speedsters with a large track network enabling them to get up to top gear. The notorious rock detail in the NE still caught out a few.

The WHO Evers suffered their first defeat of the season, being soundly trounced by BF, which will probably be enough for BF to claim the goodies next week. The Rays were badly depleted and consequently badly beaten by GO Dragons. The strong Div 3 KNOX team were too good for the WHO Doos despite some consistent performances. However the Div 4 KNOX team didn’t fare so well and were toppled by a makeshift WHO Rahs led by Anette. The WHO Hahs now have to share top spot on the ladder with UR-CC after this round’s loss. They will meet again in the final next week. The WHO Hahs will be defending their 2016 title and representing the rest of us who aren’t in the running for anything. Good luck!

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Div Versus Score Front Runners
1 WHO Evers v BF Loss 16-39 Lee Coady - 6pts, 14th
2 WHO Rays v GO Dragons Loss 11-38 Benny Holmgren - 7pts, 8th


Loss 20-25

Belinda Kinneally - 6pts, 19th


Win 25-15

Anette Larsson - 10pts, 15th
5 WHO Hahs v UR-CC Kestrels Loss 21-34 Niamh Cassar - 8pts, 6th


Metro 4 Manly Dam 23 July 2017

The Metroleague seems to visit Manly Dam every year, with the only variation being which end we start at. This year, Bennelong Northside had the start at Allambie Heights and the expectation was for some intricate map work in the nearby rock platforms. However, they didn’t feature as much as they could have and most courses stuck to the main tracks with only small deviations off to the controls. It is a difficult area to set courses in, as it is scattered with cliffs and mostly dark green, limiting options for route choice.

The WHO Evers remain undefeated after easily accounting for GO Goannas for the second time this year. Unfortunately the WHO Rays, Doos and Rahs all lost for the third round in a row. This time the clean sweep went to BN. The WHO Rays put up a strong performance but have still not won a match this year. The WHO Doos had two last minute withdrawals which had them up against it and the WHO Rahs were just outdone by a better team on the day. The WHO Hahs are looking good in Div 5 to retain last year’s trophy after beating both SH-IKO teams in successive rounds and sit atop of the table.

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Div Versus Score Front Runners
1 WHO Evers v GO Goannas Win 31-24 Ondrej Pavlu - 9pts, 2nd
2 WHO Rays v BN Loss 25-30 James Dunlop - 10pts, 6th

WHO Doos v BN

Loss 14-38

Josh Braidwood - 7pts, 11th

WHO Rahs v BN

Loss 23-31

Jay Seeho - 8pts, 7th
5 WHO Hahs v SH-IKO Win 33-16 Steve Holloway - 9pts, 12th


Metro 3 Glengarry 25 June 2017

Glengarry Girl Guides training camp was the venue for round three of the Metroleague competition. It was a tiny area with plenty of contours and big rock features. Every division had a map change, which resulted in multiple laps of the mapped area. Despite the distances of the courses being very short (Div1: 3.7km), most winning times were approximately 45mins. It was definitely good value for money.

A number of WHO regulars were unavailable for this one, so we had a couple of ‘fill ins’ and even then, still a couple of gaps. Andy Hill returned to the winner’s circle to help the WHO Evers comfortably beat SHOO-IKO. Unfortunately the WHO Rays, Doos and Rahs all lost for the second round in a row, all succumbing to the strength of UR-CC. The WHO Rays were propped up by Michael Ridley-Smith (on loan from Garingal), who put up a strong run but to no avail. The WHO Doos ran 1 person short and did well to come out on top against UR-CC Kites but lost to SH-IKO at the same time. In Division 4, two DNFs cost the WHO Rahs, as they were trounced by GO Molochs and pipped by SH-IKO in the double header. The WHO Hahs remain undefeated after accounting for SH-IKO.

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Div Versus Score Front Runners
1 WHO Evers v SH-IKO Win 31-24 Andy Hill - 10pts, 1st
2 WHO Rays v UR-CC Harriers Loss 25-30 Michael Ridley-Smith - 9pts, 4th

WHO Doos v UR-CC Kites


Win 27-22

Loss 22-30

Josh Braidwood - 10pts, 10th

WHO Rahs v GO Molochs


Loss 18-34

Loss 24-28

Anette Larsson - 9pts, 11th
5 WHO Hahs v SH-IKO Win 29-23 Nerise McQuillan - 10pts, 8th


Metro 2 Wianamatta 21 May 2017

A brand new map was unveiled by WHO for the second round of the Metroleague competition. The ex-defence land, now Wianamatta Regional Park provided a flat (ish) experience with surprising variety in vegetation for a relatively small area. Some areas were open, fast running while others were various shades of green. Despite roads or fences being not more than a couple of hundred metres away from any given control, time was easily lost on many of them. Termite mounds in the middle of the light green were harder than they looked and the lack of contours made it difficult to relocate quickly if a point feature was missed. The recent rain turned some clearings into ponds, causing quite some confusion too.

Once again Ondrej led the way for the WHO Evers, with a commanding display. Despite ‘feeling the effects’ of two big nights he finished almost 4min clear of second place. Big Foot put up a depleted team and paid the consequences. They don’t often end up on that end of the scoreline. The joy was short lived though as the WHO Rays, Doos and Rahs were all thrashed in Div 2-4. Garingal were far too strong in each of these divisions and while WHO’s performances across the board were largely consistent, they were unfortunately consistently bad. Well they weren’t too bad but they did end up in the lower half of the field. The WHO Hahs bucked the trend and led by Karen, comfortably beat GO Blue Tongues to claim one back for WHO. Overall 3:1 to Garingal. We’ll get them next time!

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Div Versus Score Front Runners
1 WHO Evers v Big Foot Win 36-16 Ondrej Pavlu - 10pts, 1st
2 WHO Rays v GO Frill Necks Loss 19-36 Helen Parker - 7pts, 18th
3 WHO Doos v GO Skinks Loss 20-35 Emmanuelle Convert - 6pts, 19th
4 WHO Rahs v GO Monitors Loss 21-34 Steve Dunlop - 9pts, 9th
5 WHO Hahs v GO Blue Tongues Win 33-22 Karen Langan - 9pts, 7th


Metro 1 WSU Penrith 2 April 2017

The first Metroleague event for 2017 was at WSU Penrith and hosted by Garingal. Grey skies and the threat of rain was upon us but luckily held off, providing perfect running conditions. This map suits the speedsters and doesn’t hold much in navigational difficulty. We expected some intricate building/sprint work but at 1:7,500 it couldn’t be that difficult and that’s the way it turned out. Most courses started in the tightly knitted Kingswood campus buildings before stretching runners across the open fields to the sparse buildings on the Werrington campus. The uncrossable fence bordering the campus caught out a number of runners as the courses jumped to the adjacent campus.

For the first time WHO were represented in all 5 divisions. The Division 1 team will be supplemented by runners from Bennelong and Uringa (neither of which have a Division 1 team) and will be known as the WHO Evers. They started with a first up win against the two time defending champions, Garingal Goannas. The WHO Rays in Div 2 led by one of our newest members, Viven, lost to BF by the narrowest of margins - 1 point. GO Legless were no match for the WHO Doos in Div 3. Likewise, WHO Rahs and WHO Hahs in Div 4 and 5 comfortably dispatched BF and GO Geckos respectively. All bodes well for a successful 2017.

See the ONSW MetroLeague page for complete results

Div Versus Score Front Runners
1 WHO Evers v GO Goannas Win 29-26 Ondrej Pavlu - 9pts, 3rd
2 WHO Rays v Big Foot Loss 27-28 Vivien de Remy de Courcelles - 10pts, 6th
3 WHO Doos v GO Legless Win 29-23 Belinda Kinneally - 10pts, 7th
4 WHO Rahs v Big Foot Win 29-25 Jay Seeho - 9pts, 9th
5 WHO Hahs v GO Geckos Win 33-21 Karen Langan - 10pts, 5th


Welcome to MetrO League 2017

The 2017 MetrO League Season is fast approaching and it's time to turn your minds to line courses and a bit of bush!

Club Captain, James, loves the MetrO League. He sees it as an opportunity to get stuck into a bit of traditional orienteering without venturing too far from home. Most competitors are home in time for Sunday lunch. It's a team competition between the Sydney clubs. Each runner runs individually but their times/places accrue points for the team. The format is usually moderate bush line courses, with starts from 10am and cost approx. $12. Most competitors will take between 30-60 minutes.

It's a great opportunity for newbies to give bush orienteering a crack.

WHO will have teams in all 5 divisions for 2017. The final team setup depends on your interest and support. There is a spot - just waiting for you! I would love to have you on board for one, two or even the whole six events.

Please confirm your availability/interest (or non-availability) by emailing/phoning James (if you haven't already). 

WHO Club Captain: James McQuillan. Ph: 0402 032 419, email.