>September 2018
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Sydney Summer Series

March 15

Northern Summer Series event at West Pennant Hills

Venue: George Thompson Reserve, Hill Road, West Pennant Hills.
Organiser: Ian Miller 0429 937153. Planner: Matt Hackett. Event Director: Steve Dunlop.

17 club members competed.

Graeme Hill flew into 1st place in LM. Janet Morris was 1st in IW. In the IM division Malcolm Gledhill steamed into 2nd place closed followed by Ted Mulherin with the same point score but 2 minutes slower.

In OM James McQuillan gathered the full quota of 600 points but the time penalty brought his score down to 550 and 3rd place. Helen Parker completed her course without penalty, scoring 430 and 3rd place in OW.
A great result team!

Beacon Hill