January 3nsss

The WHO Team at the first SSS event for 2018 - Christisen Park, Vaucluse.

Many thanks to those who assisted on the day. There were 177 entries over all divisions.

11 intrepid members travelled all the way to the eastern edge of Sydney. Four achieved first places in their division and two senior runners made it into second places.

1sts were: Andy Hill, Open Men, 600, 42:59; James McQuillan, Masters Men, 600, 42:28; Graeme Hill, Legends Men, 500, 46:16; Ted Mulherin, Immortals Men, 420, 43:25.

2nd place achievers were: Malcolm Gledhill, Immortals Men, 370, 42:56; Janet Morris, Immortals Women,     290, 43:38.

Organiser and Planner: Steve Dunlop. 0407 269 892.
Event Director: Ian Miller. 0429 937153.

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