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Cunning Running Series 2017 Cunnin Running

The series is an ideal opportunity to gain experience in event planning, organising and controlling. If you would like to "have a go" contact Steve Holloway ( to register your interest.

The competition is designed to appeal to runners of all ages. Family groups are especially welcome.

Orienteering is an adventure that all ages and fitness levels can enjoy.

The dates are April 23, June 18, August 13, September 3.

Cakes and soft drinks will be available as social lubricants. 

The events comprise easy courses in the streets, parks, cycleways and reserves of Sydney's western suburbs and Hills district. Competitors have three course options to choose from:

Simple Line Course
6 Checkpoints 
2 km length  
Medium Line Course 
9 Check points
5 km length
Score Course 
18 Check points in
45 minutes

Entry fees: Seniors $15; Juniors $11. [Members get a $3 discount.]
First time newcomers receive a voucher for free entry to any following state event.
All fees are subject to change.

Runners should take no longer than 45 minutes to complete their course. The course closes when the last runner has finished, but no later than two hours after the first start. Runners still out at the two hour mark must abandon their course and report to the finish as soon as possible - this is a safety requirement.