10 June 2019

runnerQBIII 2019 WHO Team Results

1st M80A Barry Hanlon
1st W80A Janet Morris
2nd W12A Savanna Sweeney
2nd M65AS Barry Pearce
3rd M16A Selwyn Sweeney
3rd W16A Niamh Cassar
3rd M21A James McQuillan
4th W14A Martine Valais
4th 16A Seth Sweeney
5th W45A Saffron Sweeney
6th M45A Paul Sweeney

Some members who didn't compete for the 3 days had exceptional results for the days they competed in:

Day 1

WHO had three firsts: Lynn Dabbs W65A, Kevin Williams M65AS, Janet Morris W80A, Aiden & Elliott McQuillan EODVE.

Day 2

Lynn Dabbs again in 1st place for W65A; Janet Morris in W80A.

Day 3

Our two firsts were Janet Morris W80A and Selwyn Sweeny M16A. Our juniors did very well in the sprint event at Campbelltown.

Detailed results can be seen on Eventor.