MetrO League 2018

Venues and Dates

Round Date Venue Organising Club
ML1 25 Mar Pennant Hills Park Bennelong Northside
ML2 15 Apr Mitchell Park Garingal
ML3 27 May Ropes Creek Western & Hills
ML4 24 Jun Will Howe Southern Highlands
ML5 22 Jul Lapstone Big Foot
Finals 26 Aug Boggabilla Uringa

Metro Final: Boggabilla            26 August 2018

Uringa had us on the Boggabilla map for the 2018 Final - the same location as 2017 - so it was a bit of deja vu for some. It’s a great spur gully area with lots of criss crossing tracks and a few water features.

The WHO Hahs in Div 5 were up against UR-CC Kestrels for the Div 5 title. It was a rematch of the 2017 final, which went to the Kestrels, so it was time for revenge. The WHO Hahs won with some great performances across the board. Of special note was Martine, who in her debut season just kept getting better with each round and became integral to the WHO Hahs success. The WHO Evers (Div 1) and WHO Doos (Div 3) both had comfortable wins to wrap up their seasons finishing in 3rd place. Josh only narrowly missed out on the Individual Medal for Div 3 - by one point! The WHO Rahs (Div 4) had a season to forget and the final wasn’t much different, losing the last place play off. Unfortunately the WHO Rays had already claimed the wooden spoon in Div 2 and were just making up the numbers at the final.

So to wrap up, we ran on some excellent areas in 2018 and had some great (and not so great) performances. One title, two thirds and two wooden spoons. We’ll all be back, smarter and faster for next year.

See the ONSW MetroLeague page for complete results

Div Team Competition Score Front Runners
1 WHO Evers SHOO-IKO 32-23 W Karl Bicevskis - 10pts, 2nd
2 WHO Rays BYE   Vivien de Remy Courcelles - 11th
3 WHO Doos GO Legless 30-25 W  Josh Braidwood - 8pts, 3rd
4 WHO Rahs BF 24-31 L Dmitry Stukov - 8pts, 12th
5 WHO Hahs UR-CC Kestrels 32-23 W Martine Valais - 10pts, 2nd

Metro 5: Darks Common            22 July 2018

To the Mountains! Big Foot were hosting Metro 5 on the Darks Common map at Lapstone. It is a terrific area with numerous rock features, gullies and quite a complex track network. Coupled with the mostly runnable forest it proved to be a great morning for orienteering.

Once again, the WHO Evers were only able to field three runners. Despite this, the contest against BF was still relatively tight but the expected loss still eventuated. The WHO Rays have not fared well this season. Vivien had a cracker of a run to have the second fastest time overall but it wasn’t enough to avoid the wooden spoon as BN Stronger pipped them by one point. In Div 3, the WHO Doos needed a win (and some luck) to make the final. They managed the win but unfortunately didn’t have the luck. They finished level on points but miss out on a spot in the final to BN Harder with a poorer for and against record. Oh so close! The GO Molochs thrashed the WHO Rahs to clinch a finals berth. In Div 5, Martine ran her best race yet to spearhead the WHO Hahs to victory over UR-CC Kestrels. The win ensures a rematch in the final at Boggabilla. Hopefully the WHO Hahs can turn the tables on last year’s result and come out on top. Good luck!

See the ONSW MetroLeague page for complete results

Div Team Competition Score Front Runners
1 WHO Evers BF 23-26 L James McQuillan - 9pts, 2nd
2 WHO Rays BN Stronger 27-28 L Vivien de Remy Courcelles - 10pts , 2nd
3 WHO Doos KNOX 29-26 W  Josh Braidwood - 9pts, 8th
4 WHO Rahs GO Molochs 19-36 L Dmitry Stukov - 9pts, 7th
5 WHO Hahs UR-CC Kestrels 31-24 W Martine Valais - 10pts, 4th

Metro 4: Will Howe            24 June 2018

We travelled south to Mt Annan for Metro 4, hosted by SHOO on a new map - William Howe Reserve. It was a terrific day to be out and about, running around. The new map was similar to the nearby Botanic Gardens with some open woodland, a steep hill, open grassland and some suburban connecting streets.

The WHO Evers were in a state of desperation. Their spiritual leader - Andy - has moved to QLD and consequently the future looked bleak. A new recruit in Karl Bicevskis boosted the team to three runners and amazingly they pipped the GO Annas by one point. The WHO Rays were short runners too and this likely cost them the win over BN Faster. A crucial mp ended the WHO Doos hopes of coming out on top against BN Harder and might cost them a spot in the final. However, they should make the final providing they win their match next round. Unfortunately the WHO Rahs don’t have the same hope. Their record reads 1 and 3 and will not be seeing finals action this year. They were soundly beaten by BN Better, who were much better. The WHO Hahs came up against a youthful KNOX team that put up a performance to remember. They posted five of the six fastest times overall, to dominate the results board. Like the WHO Doos, the WHO Hahs are well placed but will need another win to ensure a finals berth.

See the ONSW MetroLeague page for complete results

Div Team Competition Score Front Runners
1 WHO Evers GO Annas 25-24 W Karl Bicevskis - 10pts, 2nd
2 WHO Rays Bennelong Faster 25-29 L Dan Smith - 10pts, 6th
3 WHO Doos Bennelong Harder 25-29 L  Josh Braidwood - 9pts, 7th
4 WHO Rahs Bennelong Better 21-28 L Dmitry Stukov - 9pts, 8th
5 WHO Hahs KNOX2 16-38 L Karen Langan - 6pts, 5th

Metro 3: Ropes Creek            27 May 2018

WHO unveiled a brand new map in the heart of Western Sydney for round 3. Ropes Creek was mapped by Barry and Janet and featured large expanses of flat, open parkland. However, a narrow strip of bush adjacent to the creek surprised many and created some balance to the fast open grassland.

Despite this being a ‘home’ event with WHO hosting, results didn’t go our way. The WHO Evers were up against SHOO-IKO. They were strengthened by the Meyer brothers and we were missing our captain, who was setting the courses for the day. Nevertheless they only beat us by a point. The WHO Rays had the double match up against UR-CC and SHOO-IKO but unfortunately were soundly beaten by both. Likewise the WHO Doos in Div 3 had a double match up as well. However we came out on top in both tussles. The WHO Doos now sit equal top of the competition ladder. SHOO-IKO made sure the WHO Rahs didn’t collect any points this round with a comfortable win. Once again, our star team - the WHO Hahs - showed the rest of us how to do it. They remain unbeaten in 2018, easily accounting for SHOO-IKO.

See the ONSW MetroLeague page for complete results

Div Team Competition Score Front Runners
1 WHO Evers SHOO-IKO 28-27 L Andy Hill - 10pts, 2nd
2 WHO Rays UR-CC 
GO Dragons
L18-37 L
Matt Hackett - 7pts , 16th
3 WHO Doos UR-CC 
33-22 W 
29-26 W
Josh Braidwood - 10pts, 6th
4 WHO Rahs SHOO-IKO 22-33 L Steve Dunlop - 8pts, 16th
5 WHO Hahs SHOO-IKO 34-21 W Karen Langan - 10pts, 2nd

Metro 2: Mitchell Park            15 April 2018

Garingal hosted the second Metroleague event of the year on the Mitchell Park map. This is a top quality map with numerous rock features and very runnable terrain. Some would argue that it is the best map in Sydney and they wouldn’t be far wrong. Sydney weather came to the party too - a superb autumn morning of blue skies and sunshine. Where else would you want to be on a Sunday morning?

Again WHO came away with some mixed results. Despite a solid performance from Andy, the WHO Evers in Div 1 weren’t much competition for the traditionally strong BF. The WHO Rays in Div 2 were bolstered by our latest recruit - Rei from Brazil. Unfortunately the rocks and open bush were a bit of a baptism of fire for Rei, as he is more used to lush jungle forests with multitudes of tracks. We’re pretty sure he’ll be back though! GO Frill Necks had no trouble with the WHO Rays and now both the WHO Evers and WHO Rays will head into Round 3 without a win. Belinda had a superb run for the WHO Doos in Div 3, claiming 10pts (and 3rd overall), which spearheaded a narrow 1pt victory over the GO Skinks. The WHO Rahs in Div 4 had snuck a victory last round but not this time. Ted led the charge once again, in vain as they were comfortably dispatched by GO Monitors.The WHO Hahs managed the double against Garingal teams - 2 wins from 2 starts. They did just enough, winning by a single point over the GO Blue Tongues.

See the ONSW MetroLeague page for complete results

Div Team Competition Score Front Runners
1 WHO Evers GO Goannas 23-32 L Andy Hill - 9pts, 4th
2 WHO Rays BF 27-38 L Dan Smith - 7pts, 20th
3 WHO Doos Go Legless 28-27 W Belinda Kinneally - 10pts, 3rd
4 WHO Rahs BF 24-31 L Ted Mulherin - 8pts, 8th
5 WHO Hahs GO Geckos 28-27 W Nerise McQuillan - 10pts, 7th

Metro 1: Pennant Hills Park     25 March 2018

The first Metroleague event for 2018 was at Pennant Hills Park and hosted by Bennelong. This map is notoriously steep and VERY green, so we expected a lot of track work. Surprisingly, many legs didn’t provide any track options and headlong into the green we went. Consequently the finishing times were very long, with more than 50% of runners posting a time of more than an hour and more than a handful of DNFs littered the field.

Unfortunately WHO didn’t fare too well in the tough conditions. The WHO Evers in Div 1 were easily beaten by the Garingal Goannas. The WHO Rays in Div 2 were cleaned up by BF. GO Legless turned the tables on the round 1 2017 match and dispatched the WHO Doos in Div 3. The WHO Rahs in Div 4 snuck home in a nailbiter against BF and in Div 5, the WHO Hahs managed a convincing victory over the GO Geckos. The WHO Hahs made the final last year and with some new blood in debutant, Martine Valais, look to once again feature at the pointy end of the season in 2018.

See the ONSW MetroLeague page for complete results

Div Team Competition Score Front Runners
1 WHO Evers GO Goannas 23-31 L Richard Morris - 9pts, 4th
2 WHO Rays BF 20-32 L Vivien de Remy de Courcelles - 8pts, 8th
3 WHO Doos Go Legless 23-31 L Josh Braidwood - 8pts, 5th
4 WHO Rahs BF 25-24 W Ted Mulherin - 8pts, 9th
5 WHO Hahs GO Geckos 30-22 W Steve Holloway - 9pts, 5th

Welcome to MetrO League 2018

The 2018 MetrO League Season is fast approaching and it's time to turn your minds to line courses and a bit of bush!

As Club Captain, I love the MetrO League. It's an opportunity to get stuck into a bit of traditional orienteering without venturing too far from home. Most competitors are home in time for Sunday lunch. It's a team competition between the Sydney clubs. Each runner runs individually but their times/places accrue points for the team. The format is usually moderate bush line courses, with starts from 10am and cost approx. $12. Most competitors will take between 30-60 minutes.

It's a great opportunity for newbies to give bush orienteering a crack.

WHO will have teams in all 5 divisions for 2018. The final team setup depends on your interest and support. There is a spot - just waiting for you! I would love to have you on board for one, two or even the whole six events.

Please confirm your availability/interest (or non-availability) by emailing/phoning me (if you haven't already). 

WHO Club Captain: James McQuillan. Ph: 0402 032 419, email.