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MetrO League 2020 - Club Captain's blog. . .

Venues and Dates

Round Date Venue Organising Club
ML1 27 March Castle Hill Big Foot
ML2 26 April Western Sydney Regional Park Western and Hills
ML3 24 May Manly Dam Bennelong
ML4 21 June Lansdowne Uringa
ML5 26 July Leumeah  
Finals 16 August Scheyville Garingal

Hi WHO Club Members

As we approach the end of the summer orienteering season its time to turn our attention to one of the highlights of the Sydney orienteering calendar - Metro League!

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Metro League or are new to the club, its a fun way to get a taste of orienteering in the bush without having to venture too far from home. There are five competitive divisions ranging from moderate to hard levels of navigation difficulty. There are also easier courses to enter on the day for younger orienteers or those still building their confidence (and for that matter you can enter-on-the-day on one of the harder courses without needing to be in a team if you want to test it out). In other words, there is something for everyone and it is a great day out in some beautiful areas usually on the outskirts of Sydney. Its also a great way to get to know other club members in a relaxed atmosphere.

At each event, our team in each division goes head to head with another club’s team in the same division, with all runners contributing to the overall point score. Last year we fielded a team in 5 divisions, with our Division 5 team making the finals.

Make sure you mark the Metro League dates in your calendar (see above).

We’d love to be able to field a team in as many divisions as possible again this year, so please let me know if you’re interested in taking part. You don’t have to attend each event - even if you’re only able to get to a couple of events I’d love to hear from you. New members are most definitely welcome - and if you want to find out more I’m happy to answer any of your questions (and remember, you don’t have to be available for every round to be part of a team).

Please email me at to register your interest or if you have any questions.

Hear from you soon!

Josh Braidwood 
Club Captain

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