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26 July 2020

Orienteering Resurrection

18 intrepid club members turned up at Manly Vale to challenge other club teams in the restart  Metro League orienteering competition in the challenging bush behimd Manly Vale Public School. The team results were:

Div 1        
12    James McQuillan    55:58
18    Niamh Cassar    65:45
16    Vivien de Remy de Courcelles    60:54
Div 3        
19    Belinda Kinneally    66:27
20    Tim Perry    67:52
22    Martine Valais    72:38
27    Emmanuelle Convert    79:03
29    Joshua Braidwood    81:20
Div 4        
14    Karen Langan    61:38
18    Paul Sweeney    65:45
24    Barry Hanlon    96:35
--    Maria Stankova    MP
Div 5  our top team. They beat Garingal Molochs
7    Anthony Saunders    47:03
8    Saffron Sweeney    52:35
11    Ted Mulherin    58:07
17    Matilda Saunders    62:43
20    Janet Morris    69:38
25    Constance Valais    83:53

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April 2020

SSS Point Score – WHO Results

The Wednesday evening Summer Series ended with the WHO event at The Seventh Day Adventist School at Wahroonga on March 18.

The final point scores for Season 29 are:

Junior Women - Niamh Cassar 5th with 542 points Savanna Sweeney 11th with 110 points Aurelie Valais 25th with 31 points

Masters Women  - Sylvia Teoh 6th with 867 points Emmanuelle Convert 8th with 728 points Belinda Kinneally 22nd with 75 points Nerise McQuillan 30th with 39 points

Veteran Women - Karen Langan 7th with 888 points Saffron Sweeney 22nd with 124 points Anette Larsson 31st with 66 points Linda Chan 37th with 42 points

Legends Women - Robyn Dunlop 10th with 157 points

Immortals Women - Janet Morris 2nd with 1183 points Marion Gledhill 3rd with 1033 points

Walking Women - Emmanuelle Convert 1st with 1200 points

Junior Men - Will Kay 4th with 882 points Selwyn Sweeney 18th with 174 points Seth Sweeney 36th with 63 points James Langan 47th with 52 points Shay Sweeney 53rd with 50 points Joel Springer 63rd with 36 points George Kinneally 69th with 32 points Hamilton Kinneally 69th with 32 points

Open Men - Andrew Hill 16th with 369 points Reinaldo Hora 28th with 102 points

Masters Men  - James McQuillan 1st with 1187 points Vivien de Remy de Courcelles 4th with 1115 Dan Smith 25th with 461 points Lee Coady 30th with 281 points

Veteran Men - John Murray 26th with 878 points Dmitry Stukov 41st with 414 points Paul Sweeney 54th with 172 points Gary Farebrother 60th with 132 points

Special Veterans Men - David Noble 9th 1071 points Tim Perry 35th 208 points

Legends Men Graeme Hill 2nd with 1175 points Martin Mansfield 11th with 1003 points Steve Dunlop 15th with 932 points Ian Miller 16th with 922 points

Immortals Men - Malcolm Gledhill 1st with 1194 points Ted Mulherin 3rd= with 1165 points Andy Vesey-Wells 11th with 46 points

Walking Men - Ian Miller 5th with 484 points

22 March 2020

Club results for Metro League #1 at Castle Hill.

Our Club teams won 3 divisions:

Div 3 WHO Rays 28 v Big Foot 25;
Div 4 WHO Doos 27 v UR-CC 22;
Div 5 WHO Rahs 25 v UR 15.

Results for our teams in other divisions were:
Div 1 Big Foot 33 - WHO Evers 22;
Div 6 Big Foot 29 - WHO Hahs 20.

Some outstanding results were:

Will Kay took first place in Div 5, competing in a field of 29;
In Div 1 James McQuillan achieved 5th place in a field of 24;
In Div 7 Paul Sweeney came 7th in a field of 28 and Lachlan Coady achieved the same place in Div 6.

WHO juniors did exceptionally well in the Easy course. Hamilton Kinneally came across the line in 2nd place with his brother George not far behind in 5th.

Congratulations WHO Team.

21 March 2020

Club results for the NSW Sprint Champs at Botany.

Three first place achievers:
Janet Morris Women 80A (24:30);
James McQuillan Men 35A (18:44);
Barry Hanlon Men 85A (25:45).

Six WHOs placed second:
Seth Sweeney Men 16A (21:38);
Ted Mulherin Men 75A (25:28);
Saffron Sweeney W45AS (24:22);
Aurelie Valais W18A (21:28);
Paul Sweeney Men 45AS (19:59);
Shay Sweeney Men 10A (11:28).

Our two Third placers were:
Niamh Cassar Women 18A (26:26);
Selwyn Sweeney Men 18A (21:12).

4th place achievers:
Will Kay Men 14A (18:24);
Savanna Sweeney W14A (26:16);
Martine Valais Women 16A (24:28).

Josh Braidwood came 5th in Men 45A (26:08).

Congratulations WHO Team.

19 January 2020

Club results for the WSOS Event at Meadowbank Park.

19 Club members participated.

Your Club Team had two top placed runners:

Seth Sweeney was first of 18 runners in the Short Line event (18:02).

Shay Sweeney also made it inot first place in the Mini event (8:03).


12 January 2020

Club results for the WSOS Event at Curtis Oval, Dundas.

17 Club members participated.

Your Club Team had three top placed runners:

James McQuillan was first (44:11) and Vivien de Remy de Courcelles made it to third place (50:22) in the Long Line.

Our big achiever in the Mini was Justine de Remy de Courcelles (37:51).

5 January 2020

Club results for the WSOS Event at Guilford  West, Tarrawarra Reserve.

16 Club members participated. There were 41 starters.

Long Line
2    Amanda Parker    
3    John Murray    

Short Line
2    Anthony Saunders    
3    Scarlett Saunders    

1    Elliott McQuillan    
2    Aiden McQuillan