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Australian Championships 2017

The WHO Team at the Australian Orienteering Carnival:
Australian Sprint Championships. 11 WHOs competed. Best performance was Taine Cassar 1st in EOD VE with a winning time of 17:10.
Australian Middle Distance Championships. 17 WHOs competed. Top club runners were Taine Cassar 1st in EOD VE, 28:18. Robert Bradley 2nd Men 45AS, 27:45. Janet Morris 2nd Women 75A, 34:14.  Lynn Dabbs 3rd Women 65A, 25:43. Stephen Dunlop 3rd Men 55AS, 24:11.
Bathurst 3'day- Day 1 - 11 WHOs competed. The outstanding performer was Lynn Dabbs 1st Women D, 39:39.
Bathurst 3'day- Day 2 - 10 WHOs competed. Best results were Seth and Paul Sweeney. They placed 2nd and 3rd in Men G.
Bathurst 3'day - Day 3 - 8 WHOs compteted. Best result was Seth Sweeney 2nd in Men G at 34:11.
Australian Long Distance Championships. 12 WHOs started. Lynn Dabbs finished 2nd in Women 65A with a time of 55:47, only 1:30 behind Carol Brownlie.