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Great results by club elites at Wagga Wagga. At Saturday's event at Connorton Lynn Dabbs won women's 65A. Ron Bradley had an outstanding performance on day 2 at Burngogee by leading the field in Men's 45AS and Lynn almost repeated her previous day's performance with a second in W65A, only 6 seconds behind the winner. 

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July 2, 2017
Lapstone Oval

Assembly and finish is at the netball courts on Explorers Road. Lapstone.

Organiser: Robert Bradley. 4739 0721 or 0418 296 008.
Planner: James McQuillan and Ian Miller.
Event Director: James Mcquillan.
Technology: Tim Perry and Dmitry Stukov.

The usual three pre-enter options will be available - long - medium - short. Plus the enter on the day option - The Little Turkey Trot!

Click on the logo above to go to the Turkey Trot website for more details.

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The WHO Team achieved outstanding results at the State Middle and Long Championships at Appin and Arthursleigh, May 13 / 14.

At the 2017 NSW Middle Championships - SL3 (Badge Event) - our team of 12 achieved 8 placings:

Three 1st places went to Steve Dunlop (M55AS), Lynn Dabbs (W65A) and Barry Hanlon (M80).
Andy Vessy-Wells romped into 2nd place in M65AS and four 3rd places were taken by Steve Holloway (M55AS), Ted Mulherin (M75A), Janet Morris (W75A) and Maureen Fitzpatrick (W55A).

On Sunday at the 2017 NSW Long Championships - State League #4 - all of the WHO team of 8 placed, a great result.

Three firsts went to Lynn Dabbs (W65A), Ivan Stukov (M10A) and Barry Hanlon (M80A). Robert Bradley (M45AS) and James McQuillan (M35A) took 2nd places in their fields. 3rd placings were taken by Janet Morris (W75A), Yekatarina Stukova (W12A), and Dmitry Stukov (M35AS).

The WHO Team results auger well for the Club's potential at next Sunday's MetrO Team event on our new map at Ropes Crossing.

Southern Highland's Forest Challenge

WHO's team of 6 forest runners faced up to the course setter's challenge at SHOO's 2nd event in their Forest Series at Belanglo on Sunday 30 April.

Best club performance was achieved by Barry Pearce who took the bronze for 3rd place in M Moderate with a time of 51:39.