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The WHO Team
at SL 11 - Mittagong

Maureen Fitzpatrick achieved 3rd place in W55AS. Andy Vesey-Wells (M Open B) and Robert Bradley (M45AS) made it to 2nd place in their classes. Barry Hanlon ranked 1st place in M80 after a 90 degree error that cost him 25 minutes (all he had to do was to finish - does he deserve a credit?).

James McQuillan (M21A) achieved the best time per kilometer of the seven team members achieving sixth place in a very competitive field.

For a middle distance event SL11 was a serious challenge in technical terrain.

at SL12 - Belanglo

The team's performace improved on the Sunday event at Belanglo with three credible 2nds and a dubious 1st. Ted Mulherin (M75A), Robert Bradley (M45AS) and Maureen Fitzpatrick (W55AS) made it to 2nd place in their classes. The 1st was Barry Hanlon in M80A but all he had to do was finish!

The team's fastest rate per kilometre achieved by Andy Hill with 9:52 / km.

Illawarra Kareelah's map printers saved an enormous amount of money by cutting down on the green ink. The bush was the thickest known for the area in the living memory of your reporter. All runners probably struggled and it is doubtful that any achieved "fast run" performance. Intrepid Maureen was so determined that she got shredded - (hope the healing is going well Maureen).

The WHO Team at the NSW Sprint and Long Championships.

Day 1

Saturday 28 August, was staged by Uringa at Garrison Point. The first challenge of a two event day.

Event two in the afternoon was on a new map of Western Sydney University Bankstown Campus. Running conditions for both events were almost perfect.

Overall results saw Lee Coady (M35A), Amy Harmer (W21AS), Matt Hackett (M40A) and Barry Hanlon (M80) receive awards for 1st place in their classes. Ted Mulherin (M75A) finished 2nd place in his field and Janet Morris (W55AS) achieved 3rd position in her class.

Day 2

was held on a completely revamped map by Dave Lotty at Mirrambeena Regional Park. The WHO team mastered the tricky terrain to take 5 championship badges.

Ted Mulherin (M75A) and Barry Hanlon (M80A) 1st in their classes with 3 third places achieved by Andy Hill (M21A), Maureen Fitzpatrick (W55AS) and Lee Coady (M35A). GREAT EFFORT WHO TEAM!

WHO at Metro League Final

CONGRATULATIONS to the WHO Hahs! Division 5 Champions!! The Final was on a brand new map at Galston on Sunday 4 September 2016 and the all girls team brought their A games to finish on top!

There were some good results in the other divisions too. Check out the full report and photos here.

A great turn out, over a hundred entries for the Sydney Metropolitan Turkey Trot and local events, Sunday July 3 at Northmead / Winston Hills.

Full results can be found on Eventor