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September 20th
Cunning Running #4

More information on this event and series can be found here

Sunday September 28

Cumberland Forest Fair

Every two years orienteering gets access to Cumberland Forest on Castle Hill Road for a demonstration Orienteering event as part of the Cumberland Forest Fair. We provide promotional material and run a short score course with pots and pencils similar to our Cunning Running events. The event aims to encourage people to take up orienteering.

This is an informal event with lots of talking to people with little understanding of orienteering. We are looking for volunteers to help on the day from around 10am to 2pm.

Cumberland Forest is the largest section of native bush in the Sydney urban area. You can also have a run around the forest tracks.

If you can assist please let Chris Crane know on 9630-7326 or via email to Chris Crane -

Urgently Please.

You can see Forestry Corporations special page about the event here. . .smiley

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