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Next Club Event. . .Cunning Running
Cunning Running #4 — 
August 2 at Telopea

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Cunning Running #3

attracted just under 40 participants (27 single and group entries), keen runners and families out for an adventure. Peter Annets from Garingal lead in the Score option with the maximum possible 360 points. Alexandra Kertensz broke the hour to lead in the long line event with a time of 59:52, and the Chan family with dedicated cooperation achieved first place in the short line course with a credible time of 31:28.

Next event will be at Telopea on August 2nd.


The WHO team at Appin's
Cataract Scout Camp

Three wins and a second. Your Club Captain's report can be found on this link.

21 intrepid Club runners navigated around the highly technical terrain of the camp, negotiating slippery rocks wet tracks and running streams. Andy had the fastest time in Div 1 with a theoretical km time of 7:23 closely followed by James with 8:32. In Div 4 Belinda was only seconds behind Hugho Mccahon-Boersma time at 30:27 (not a team runner). Jan's performance in Div 5 in 4th place with Steve D just behind in 5th augers well for the next event at Manly Dam.


A team of 20 intrepid WHO runners represented the Club at Centennial Park.

The Club's Division 4 and 5 teams made it to first place. Andrew Hill and James McQuillan were the fastest runners in the club team on the day with K times close to 5 minute kms but they need to work harder to match the Div 1 winner, Michael Burton from Big Foot.

Belinda Kenneally came in second place in Div 5 an excellent result in a competitive field of 40 runners.

Club President, Steve Dunlop, running with knee bandages, bravely filled a critical gap in Div 1 to get a point for the club team score.


15 WHO Orienteers represented the Club at the QB3 Competition.

The team achieved three firsts on Day 1 - a challengeing bush sprint:
Janet Morris W75A, Barry Hanlon M80A, Katya Stukova W10A.
Runners up in second places were Lee Coady M35A and Lynn Dabs W60A with Kevin Willians achieving third place in the very competitive M55AS division.

Day 2 at Falnash SF saw an improvement in the team's performance with 5 first places:
Janet Morris W75A, Barry Hanlon M80A, Lynn Dabbs W60A, Phillip Ringer EOD Easy, and Katya Stukova W10A.  Lee Coady made it to third place against hard competition in M35A.

Day 3 was set on the fringes of the Gardens of Stone National Park. The Club team's performance after two days warming up was the achievement of 7 firsts: Phillip Ringer EOD Easy, Barry Hanlon M80A, Janet Morris W75A, Ivan Stukov M/W10N, Katya Stukova W10A, Lachlan Coady M/W10N, Lynn Dabbs W60A. Not to be outdone, Kevin Williams cruised into 2nd place in M55AS, with Lee Coady facing tough competition but making it into 3rd place in M35A.

Your Club's overall results for the 3 Days were impressive with 8 placings overall including 4 firsts. The badge achievers were:
Ivan Stukov 2nd in M/W10N, James McQuillan 3rd in M21A, Lee Coady 2nd in M35A, Kevin Williams 3rd in M55AS, Barry Hanlon 1st in M80A, Katya Stukova 1st in W10A, Lynn Dabbs 1st in W60A, and Janet Morris 1st in W75A.