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Merry Christmas

Next Club Event. . .

February 4

Western & Hills Orienteers' Annual General Meeting

Hosted by Tim Perry at 1a Birriwa Place, Northwood 2066.

More exciting details to come. . .

Stop Press!

High performance WHO team makes its mark in the
SSS15 heat-wave event at Pennant Hills.

Andy Hill (OM) sweated in at first overall with 500 points. James McQuillan was 6th overall (3rd in OM) with 440 points. Janet Morris 1st in IW (120 points). Graeme Hill 2nd equal in LM (310 points). Malcolm Gledhill 2nd in IM (150 points). Amazing achievments on a 100% bush map (unusual for the series) and in near 40% heat!.

Congratulations team!

News. . .

Your Club excelled at its SSS14 Event at Ermington. . .

Andrew Hill collected 600 points and came in at 2nd place 3 minutes behind Steve Ryan, followed closely by James McQuillan (590 points). Coming in 4th and 5th were Richard Morris (Bennelong 580) and Keelan Birch (Garingal 570).

21 club members took part. Of the novices who faced the Mini challenge the best times were Vincent Morris who beat 13 minutes by 4 seconds with his brother Alex only a couple of minutes behind.Shows what training at the Xmas 5-Days can do. Many thanks to all the helpers.

President Ian Miller writes:

It was the second largest WHO Summer Series ever with 200 doing the score course and 11 the mini.  Matt Hackett was the organiser and Steve Dunlop was the setter.  The first participant arrived at 3:50pm and we had everyone back just after 7:30pm so were able to collect controls and pack up by 8:30pm.

It takes a number of people to look after the registration, the computer, answer queries and explain the event to newcomers.  The event ran very smoothly and there were numerous compliments about the courses.

A special thank you to Tim Perry who delivered and helped set up the computer before racing off to the hospital to meet his newest grandchild born yesterday afternoon.

A very successful event.  Thank you.     Ian

Best WHO results at the Hunter Valley Christmas 5-Days. . .

Day 1 - Belinda Kinnealy achieved 2nd place in Women's B.

Day 2 and Day 3- Lynn Dabbs came in 2nd in Women's D.

Day 4 - Kevin Williams flew into 2nd place in Men's E.

Day 5 - Lynn Dabbs placed 3rd in Women's D.

Seen at Heritage Park - WSSS Final

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WHO Cup 2016 Results

Long Course

Andy Hill 39:19
Dan Smith 47:19
Belinda Kinneally 53:22
Helen Parker 54:22
Josh Braidwood 55:29
Steve Dunlop 61:40
Graeme Hill 61:49

Short Course

Steve Holloway 52:13
Maria Stankova 55:05
James Langan 57:09
Karen Langan 58:17
Malcolm Gledhill 59:18
Andy Vesey-Wells 65:24
Janet Morris 69:30
Amy Harmer 71:00
Marion Gledhill DNF

WHO Cup Winner

Andy Hill

WHO Cup Handicap Results

1st James Langan
2nd Andy Vesey-Wells
3rd Malcolm Gledhill
4th Maria Stankova
5th Helen Parker