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May 10

Moonlight Madness - Rydalmere East

George Kendall Riverside Park, Trumble Avenue, Ermington.

Organiser and Planner: Steve Dunlop. 0407 269 892.
Event Director: James McQuillan.

Time: 17:00 - 19:15 EST.

Timing System: SportIdent.

Classes: Same as Sydney Summer Series.

Latest News!

Cunning Running #1, Sunday 23 April,

got off to a flying start at at Bidjigal Reserve, North Rocks.
8 intrepid juniors found all the insects that lived at each check point.

MINI course results

1   Euan      10:22
2   Rory       10:27
3   James    13:00
4   Jacinta   15:00
5   Jacob     19:00
6   Zoe        19:00
7   Aiden     22:55
8   Elliott      30:35

For Long, Medium and Score course results click here. . .

Perfect weather for the Club's Training Day at Heritage Park

Compasses armed and pointing to the north the pairs teams took up the course setters challenge as they traveled like light beams on their bearings between check point locations on a set of "mini maps".

The IT team's computer overheated producing these results (it is believed that they used a secret spreadsheet macro!).

1st Team 7 Dmitry Stukov (12:35) and Tim Perry (15:04) 27:39
2nd Team 2 Helen Parker (12:21) and Madelynne Nancy (15:42) 28:03
3rd Team 3 Julia Prudhoe (12:28) and Cameron Chan (19:01) 31:29
4th Team 8 Keith Godge (19:33) and Steve Holloway (19:35) 39:08
5th Team 4 Stephanie Chan (16:41) and Janet Morris (27:12) 43:53
6th Team 5 Lyn Malmgron (20:17) and Rebecca Boyd (29:28) 49:45
7th Team 1 Ed Fernandes (62:32) and Ian Miller (62:28) 125:00
8th Team 6 James McQuillan (8:42) and Paul Prudhoe (missed 103) DNF

Special Blue Course runners
Team 9 Ivy (11:34) Yiming (11:30) 22:64

LEFT: The "blue course" team finishing. RIGHT: IT aspirants recording outstanding results.


Recent club results. . .

27 WHOs challenged the course setter at the first Metro League event for 2017.

There were some outstanding results for the teams challenge.

Div 1 - WHO Evers beat defending champion GO Goannas 29/26.
Div 2 - WHO Rays lost to Big Foot 2 27/28.
Div 3 - WHO Doos trounced GO Legless 29/23.
Div 4 - WHO Rahs topped the score against Big Foot 3 29/25.
Div 5 - WHO Hahs challenged the GO Geckos to win 33/21.
4 wins. 1 loss. A great effort WHO Team!

Best individual performances were Katya Stukova 1st place (19:50) in the Easy course with her brother Ivan in 3rd place (23:16) and James McQuillan 4th place in Div 1 with a time of 35:04 close to the winning time of 33:03.

Penrith Press picked up the story and featured our President and Sophie Jones on page 38 of the April 6 edition: Click here to find the story in the paper's digital edition. . .


Club results for the SSS Final at Lane Cove

The inclement weather put off many from running at the last SSS event for this season, but we had 7 intrepids who braved the drizzle.

Andy Hill led the field of 116 coming into the finish with a score of 540. James McQuillan wasn't far behind in 8th place with a score of 480.

In the classes the team had three firsts - Andy in OM; Ted Mulherin (IM); and Janet Morris (IW). Helen Parker made it into 2nd place in OW.

The event was followed by awards presentations at Lane Cove Country Club. Janet Morris received the Sydney Summer Series Special Award, presented for her work in mapping for the series.

WHO Team's results for SL1 & 2 (March 25/26)

State League 1 arena was the Canberra Girls Grammar School Campus. A very cloudy and cool day with occasional drizzle, but good conditions for runners. Best team result was Yekaterina Stukova running W12A in 13:22 and breaking the finish tape at 2nd place only 59 seconds behind Ingred Agar. Janet Morris (W75A) and Barry Hanlon (M80A) clocked into second places in their veterans classes.

The weather improved for the second day with the clouds clearing and presenting an almost clear blue sky. SL2 was held at Isaacs Ridge in a very steep pine plantation. The event could be renamed "the ACT Downhill Classic". Our team's only 1st place was Yekaterina Stukova who led the field in W12A with a time of only 33:25. Our club's veteran bush orienteers Lynn Dabbs (W65A) and Kevin Williams (M70A) handled the tough terrain expertly to place 2nd in their classes. Lynn was only 41 seconds behind Jenny Hawkins. Janet Morris maintained her 2nd position but Barry Hanlon dropped back to 3rd.

14 WHOs accepted the course setter's challenge at  Chatswood Streets on 22 March

Top performers were James McQuillan, just 10 points behind Glenn Horrocks (GO) in MM. Malcolm Gledhill took the gong in IM closely followed by Ted Mullherin 30 points behind.

Andy Hill is almost a permanent feature in SSS placings. He achieved the third position in OM only 30 points behind the leader.

Janet Morris led in IW favoured by the dearth of competitors.

17 club members competed in the Club's event at West Pennant Hills on March 15.

Graeme Hill flew into 1st place in LM. Janet Morris was 1st in IW. In the IM division Malcolm Gledhill steamed into 2nd place closed followed by Ted Mulherin with the same point score but 2 minutes slower.

In OM James McQuillan gathered the full quota of 600 points but the time penalty brought his score down to 550 and 3rd place. Helen Parker completed her course without penalty, scoring 430 and 3rd place in OW. A great result team!