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Cunning Running #3
— July 5

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The next event in the series will be held in conjunction with the Sydney Metropolitan Turkey Trot.
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Turkey Trot


The Club Team at State League events 5 and 6, 16/17 May.

Robert Bradley M45AS; Lachlan Coady M/W-10N, Lee Coady M35A, Lynn Dabbs W60A, Maureen Fitzpatrick W45AS, Barry Hanlon M45A/M80A, Janet Morris W75A, Ted Mulherin M70A, Dmitry Stukov M45A, Ivan Stukov M/W-10N, Katya Stukova W-10A, Kevin Williams M55AS.

The Club Team performed well on Saturday's middle distance event at Mullion Creek. Lee Coady achieved 1st place in M35A with a time of 37:34. Janet Morris' time in W75A was 61:47, as the only runner in the class she gained a first place credit for the Club. Katya Stukova was first in W-10A. Kevin Williams 2nd in M55AS. Ivan Stukov gained a second place for the Club in M/W-10N.

The Team also performed well in the State Long Championships (SL6) on Sunday morning. The Club took five badge firsts: Dimitry Stukov M35AS, Lee Coady M35A, Barry Hanlon M80A (fastest time for any runner on course 7), Janet Morris W75A, Katya Stukova W10A. Kevin Williams was awarded the 2nd place badge in M55A and Maureen Fitzpatrick, Lachlan Coady and Ivan Stukov completed their courses successfully in what is one of Australia's most technical maps.