A flashback...
from the latest "WHO News"...

New South Wales produced the winning relay team in the Junior Boys Class. L to R: Andrew Macken, Andrew Hill, Geoff Davis.

[From "The Australian Orienteer" November 1994.]

1994 Honour Team flashback

For the first time an Australian Honour Team was named, a common practice in Australian school sport competitions where all states are represented. The Honour Team is awarded medallions by the Australian School Sports Council and recognises individual performances on both days of competition. Up to four may be named in each age division. The team represents the individuals considered to be worthy of selection, were a Schools Team to be selected to compete for Australia.

Those named in the Honour Team were as follows: Senior Girls: Jo Allison (ACT), Kirsten Fairfax (Tas), Allison Jones (NSW), Emma Prime (Vic). Junior Girls: Shannon Jones (NSW), Julia Minty (ACT), Rebecca Minty (ACT), Libby Schofield (SA). Senior Boys: Damian Dawson (WA), Ben Schulz (Qld), David Shepherd (NSW), Tom Walter (ACT). Junior Boys: Gareth Candy (WA), Troy de Haas (Vic), Andrew Hill (NSW), Steven Jones (Vic).