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Training Day 2018

Venue: Balcombe Heights Reserve, Baulkham Hills. (off Seven Hills Road).

Take this opportunity to sharpen your orienteering skills before the big Metro event next day.

This year our training day focuses on compass and map reading skills.

It is a pairs team event. The format is similar to an orienteering sprint with the addition of a set of free-to-visit check points each of which must be visited in any order at least once by the team.

The pairs relay is open to all. It is an opportunity for novices to test their compass skills and a challenge to experienced orienteers to show that they "know it all"!

Register as individuals before 0915. The pairs will be selected by a draw at 0920.

First start for the relay will be shortly after 0930.

Before you arrive at the event please take time to read "Compass Skills" laugh, and "The 5 Key Skills".

Organiser: Ian Miller. 0429 937 153. Planner/Trainer: Barry Hanlon. Event Director: Steve Dunlop.

Entry fees: WHO members FREE. Other orienteering club members $12 seniors. Juniors $7. Non-members $3 extra. Sportident hire $4.

Technology: The SI system will be used. Hire sticks will be available at registration.

How the pairs team event works:

  • There is a set of compulsory check points to be taken in the set order by both team runners, plus a set of free-to-visit controls that the pair must collect between them.
  • Maps and control descriptions will be handed out to each team at the draw.
  • Before team runners can start the pair must agree on which of the free-to-visit controls each is to visit.

Starts will be at 1 minute intervals. If a pair fails to collect any one of the free-to-visit controls between them. They will incur a 2 minute penalty for each missed control.

The course is designed to test your map reading skills and to encourage the use of a compass.

The map below is for a three person team event. Our format is the same but for pairs: